Thursday, May 15, 2008


The other night I was very exhausted and had done lots of running around, gone to a church supper, cleaned for my mom, and still had to shop for a week's worth of company groceries at 10pm and make homemade caramel rolls. Even though I'm frugal, I'm also all for the simple life and realize my limitations when I'm dead tired with pregnancy. So, I determined I would just buy some Rhodes caramel rolls in the freezer section and pop them in the oven the next morning, eliminating my need to stay up all hours of the night making rolls. I thought to myself, "This would be an excellent blog post about how although frugality should be the norm, desperate times call for desperate measures! I'll surprise my blog readers with how non-frugal I am today!"

However, when I got to the freezer department and noticed that it would cost me at least $9 to go the Rhodes rolls route and even more than that to buy rolls from the bakery the next morning, I had to do some quick thinking. I remembered my rapid-rise dinner roll recipe and decided to just adapt that to the caramel roll recipe so that they would only take an hour start to finish in the morning, but would still be super cheap and yummy homemade. It worked out wonderfully although they were slightly doughy (I could have left them in the oven for just a few more minutes).

So, I do confess that my frugality can fluctuate. I'm not so frugal that I can't ditch frugality when circumstances call for it. Yet, I'm not so carefree or so desperate that I will pay astronomical prices either! I confess that while I'm not always 100% frugal, I am frugal enough that it forces me to be creative, rework the menu, or change plans to do what is reasonable for the budget. Hasn't it been said that invention is born out of necessity?

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snorvold said...

It is so good to speak on this! We all have to remember balance and not beat ourselves up when there are situations like the one you had! It is okay to make exceptions when overall you are working to be frugal!

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