Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Weeks in May

Anna and Ali watch Mr. Buckmeyer trim the horses hooves in a barefoot cut so they don't have to wear horseshoes the day before Colter and Anna went riding in the mountains all day with Dad.

Saying Goodbye is hard to do! We'll see Uncle Coco again at Christmas time!

Our new double jogger! With it I can waddle around town a little easier than with our other double stroller.

The yard sale corner in town. Everyone puts their box here with the address and info on it and all the yard sale-ers come to the corner and write down the addresses. Free advertising! You'll find me at this corner almost every Sat. morning at 8 am jotting down sales!

Dad grilling hamburgers. Notice that Wyoming is green one month out of the year!

Well, our time with Colter and Anna was MUCH, MUCH, MUCH too short! I knew the time together would fly by but I am still amazed at how quickly it was over. Anna got to experience a lot of the west in a short time and hopefully wasn't too weirded out by my family. Since I wasn't with Dad the whole time he was with Anna I have no idea what kinds of things he said to her, but she seems to like us anyway! There are very few women on this earth who I would say are worthy of my baby brother but Anna is definitely one of them and it's exciting to see God writing their love story.

I'm looking forward to staying home more this week as we were at my folks' for supper most evenings and doing lots of things during the day as well, which cut into Jer's naps. He still refuses to give up those morning naps, which is fine, but makes it harder to plan activities when company is here. He ended up skipping morning naps the first few days and was a crab because of it. It was nice not to have as much food mess in my kitchen last week and I only did dishes once last week (my hubby did them once too) but it was still tiring to chase the kids around my parent's house and clean up after them there as well as helping with all of the meals made over there. It was a blessing that my parents fed us so much as it saved on our grocery bill!

Saturday my friends and I had a yard sale together. I feel it was a success because though it was a ton of work to get ready for, we all got rid of lots of junk and came away with $30-$50 in cash each. I made around $40 but spent $10 on my friend Shiloh's double jogging stroller. I've always wanted one and I'm so excited to have found one for such an unbelievable price. You can sometimes find the nicer ones at yard sales for $100-$150 and they can be up to $400 new! There were a couple of minor problems with it that my husband quickly fixed and we've already been out walking the town with it. I will say I discovered that it's width is the same size as the Safeway doors in town and you have to manhandle it and squeeze it with all your might to get in and out of the store!

Today I had nursery duty and missed the sermon due to cranky/fussy kids. I also had to make a big run to the town nearby to hit the sales at a few stores since the rest of the week is too busy for that. So, it definitely didn't feel like a restful Sabbath day! Tomorrow should be better as I can stay home all day, get laundry done, and try to de-clutter and unwind from the yard sale and the busy week with family. I'll be watching a little 6 month old guy tomorrow and Wednesday all day, and am looking forward to it since it's been awhile since I've held a little baby. Good practice for my kids too! Friday we are leaving for Billings, MT where we will spend the weekend with my incredibly fun aunt, uncle, and cousins and we will get to see my sweet cousin Ashlee graduate from High School Home School. I also have to squeeze a few doctor's appointments in this week (prenatal exam and kid's well-check-ups!) May sure is a busy month and it has flown by!

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Kristin said...

I am jealous of your new double stroller! I have been on the lookout for one myself, but they are so expensive!

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