Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keeping Kids Immobile

All smiling! Shh! Don't tell the mom of the boy in the pink sweater what he's wearing! It was the only jacket we had on hand that fit!

Group hug! Poor Carsen is surrounded by girls!

King Jo juggles balls to entertain the kids.

Out for a walk!

It was our turn for the baby-sitting co-op last night and it was quite an adventure keeping track of the 6 little ones in an only partially-fenced yard. They had a blast running around all over. When my hubby and I decided our eyes needed a break from watching and counting them, we decided to do the thing that affords any parent a few minutes of peace. Get the kids immobile! There is such relief in strapping a mobile little one into a high-chair, wagon, stroller, car seat, etc. sometimes, knowing they can't escape or wiggle much! We decided a walk would be fun and we managed to squeeze the four tiniest kids in our wagon and the bigger two in our double stroller. We went for a nice walk around the neighborhood and got plenty of looks from people driving by!

I ended up skipping Walgreens (boo-hoo that I missed the great coupon) but my day actually wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be and the 2 other kids I babysat all day were little angels. I was VERY tired by the end of it and slept like a rock last night!

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