Thursday, May 29, 2008

Motherhood Maternity

Justus is growing, and so is my fatigue!
These pics were taken with the self-timer on my camera so they are at a weird angle.
I mentioned in my trip update that I FINALLY found a long skirt to wear while I'm pregnant. Yeah hurray! In every store I looked it, there were NO maternity skirts, except the occasional mini-skirt. Even in a maternity store, Motherhood Maternity, there were only a couple of choices, a denim and a khaki and only ONE in my size. But I am thankful to have found a pretty outfit that will be cool for summer and will last through any future pregnancies too. If I had a Motherhood Maternity nearby I sure would be tempted to spend, spend, spend because they have some darling clothes and I'm sure there are good sales sometimes. The skirt was well worth the money and my mom treated me to this pretty shirt that was on clearance. With my purchase they gave me a free goody bag and I was delighted to find it stuffed full of baby product coupons and samples. I got a free playtex baby bottle, a little bottle of baby lotion, a baby spoon, a travel bottle of pregnancy lotion, a small pregnancy nutrition bar, and some diaper cream samples among other things. Freebies are fun!

I was disappointed in the maternity/baby thrift shop in Billings. My friend who had lived near there and now lives in our town had given me $17 credit there, saying she wouldn't be back there to use it so I might as well. I've never had such a hard time spending free money! It was outrageous how much they wanted for used stuff. Maybe I'm just spoiled by our 25 cents an item thrift shop here in town but I refused to pay $5 for a used and dingy kid's shirt when I could get it new at Target for $3 or here in town for a quarter or less. I had asked her if I could get her something but her boys are pretty well stocked in clothes so it was up to me to spend that money and it was soooo hard! Everything maternity was not my style or size and was around $25. I would rather buy something at Motherhood Maternity NEW if they are going to charge that for used! Even the kids' used shoes seemed outrageously priced. I wandered the store for nearly an hour, and my hubby and kids tagged along, until I finally spotted some nursing undergarments which I could really use. I ended up paying a few bucks for one that was used but like-new since it was one of the few items in the store on clearance and bought one new one for the same price as I could have at Wal-Mart, but at least they were free due to the credit. I had to throw in a pair of boy's tennies at the last minute to make sure and spend all of her credit. So, it all worked out in the end and I only spent around $2 out-of-pocket there and I got a few things we can use but I will never be back to that store!


the momma said...

you know ~ you could probably very easily take a regular skirt, cut out a belly 'hole' & replace the hole with a stretchy panel....

just thinking here....

cute outfit!!

and yes ;-) you ARE spoiled with your 25 cent clothes!!

SamAndHisGirls said...

I love motherhood maternity! I also got that free bag of stuff when I went to the one in MT with my mom and I LOVED the curel pregnancy lotion and have found two coupons for it already.
Your skirt is so cute -- I think I saw one just like it and was tempted to buy it but decided I'd better get a few other things I needed instead.
Since we have one here too, I know I can't go in there too often because the stuff is so cute and also pretty spendy and it would be hard not to go overboard in there.

Anyway, good shopping and thanks for the Walgreens tips -- I'll be looking for that super coupon. Is it in their store ad?

Centsible Savings said...

I just found your blog tonight, and enjoyed looking at it. I couldn't find modest maternity skirts either, but I cut a half circle in a regular skirt, and cut a piece out of an old t-shirt and sewed it in, hem side up. The t-shirt material is just the right stretchiness, and if you put it hem side up, you have a finished edge on the top of your skirt. It took about 15 minutes and I was done.

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