Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcoming a New Sis-In-Law-To-Be, Any Tips?

Colter has been language learning in Argentina and Guatemala for the last 8 months. Anna is a missionary in Honduras.

My brother and the young lady he is courting are going to be in town for a week and I'm so excited! We didn't think we'd get to meet her until Christmas and it just worked out that they were both in the United States this month for a missions conference with their organization and they were able to fly out West for an extra week so our family could meet her. We have lots of fun things to do with them (Colter's ideas) so she will get to experience horseback riding, snowmobiling in the mountains, and swimming in the hot springs pools. Since neither of my younger brothers has ever brought home a woman he is determined to marry, I'm not sure exactly what to do to make her feel the most welcome and accepted into our family. Do you readers have any good tips?

My in-laws always did a wonderful job of getting to know me and making me feel a part of the family, but even so, it is always such a difficult adjustment because backgrounds/expectations/mannerisms are so different among families. My dad can be a real tease too, so I feel sorry for Anna already, and she hasn't even come yet! Hopefully a week with us won't scare her away!

I plan to put together a little basket of things I have in my Walgreens stash of freebies to lay on each of their beds. Ali is busy coloring pictures for them and is beyond excited since Uncle Coco is one of her favorite people and she hasn't seen him since last fall.

What have you done to welcome future sister-in-laws into the family? Any tips on what NOT to say or do?

I promise to post lots of pictures of our adventures in the coming days! In the meantime my mom is hiring me to help clean and plan menus.

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