Monday, May 12, 2008

Celebrating Mom

I love these cards, that have a space for a photo and a place for a foot and handprint (or two children's handprints) on either side. You can find them through Current catalog.

Well, I had a interesting and mostly wonderful Mother's Day. Earlier in the week Ali and I had fun getting all of the Grandma's cards together and stamping her and Jer's handprints on them. I had ordered them through on sale and they were a great price and really cute for all of of the 5 Grandma's and Great-Grandma's in our families. For my mom and my mother-in-law, I had ordered a little kit that includes beads and instructions for making earrings. Ali loved putting the tiny beads on the rod and I twisted the rod with plyers in a couple of seconds. It was a very cheap, easy, but touching little craft we could give as a gift that both of our moms will use. It was fun to be able to tape them to a card explaining that Ali had "made them" and chosen the colors for the earrings too!

I also gave my mom a Venus embrace razor since I've acquired a stash in my freebies and she had hinted earlier this week that she's always wanted to try one. She also has really been needing some crocheted dishrags and I keep forgetting to make them for her for Christmas and birthdays so I finally remembered and made her a couple on Sat. night while we watched a movie. We had a wonderful church service and all the moms were encouraged and given a flower to plant and got to be first in line for the cake afterwards! Then my whole family went to the local Mexican food restaurant, which my mom LOVES, (and I do too) and we had a meal together. It was NOT such a fun time when Jer began fussing and whining uncontrollably, making a scene in a restaurant packed with people we knew from around town, and refusing to be consoled due to his great fatigue. So, King Jo and I had to take turns eating and going out on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, holding the fussy little pumpkin. This is becoming a habit with Jeremiah in restaurants, but mainly because we usually end up eating out on a Sunday and because our church schedule causes him to miss his morning nap, or only get a short one, and by the time we have a late lunch, he's reached his limit and needs to sleep.

The funniest moment in my day was when little Ali walked up after Children's Church proudly holding her project and a little card for me. It was a wooden spoon that had been painted lots of wild colors and had a ribbon through the handle to hang for a decoration. The card explained a little devotional on why Mothers are like spoons. Anyhow, Ali handed me the spoon with a big smile and said, "Look Mom! I made you a spanking spoon for Mother's Day!" I got a huge laugh out of that and so did all the folks I told at church. The lady who had taught Children's Church thought that was funny, as the idea hadn't ever occurred to her when she planned the project! She did say, however, that she's learned her lesson about giving 6 rambunctious preschoolers paint all at the same time and will never do that again as they covered their clothes and the Children's Church room with paint! I guess I now have a very fancy spanking spoon!


Heather Hanson said...

Love the "spanking spoon"! You should post a picture!

Sundays are always hard on our family, too, for the same reason. :)

SamAndHisGirls said...

Glad you had a mostly good Mother's Day and we go through the same thing with Kayley every time we eat out, too! It's so hard at this age to have a civilized meal out but I do know that this stage passes.
Sundays are also very hard for us. Kayley doesn't take a morning nap but by the time church is over, she is VERY ready for her afternoon one. Usually what happens is that she falls asleep in the car on the way home and then REFUSES to take a nap at home!!! Ahhhh! Going out to eat after church is almost asking for a rough rest of the day.
Some day our kids will be all grown up, though and we just might miss these days (some parts of them :))

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