Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pregnancy Pics

Pics of me on Mother's Day (in the Gap shirt I got off e-bay brand new for $1! I love it!)
Do not be deceived. I don't look that pregnant from this front view, but from the side.......
Stay tuned for a side shot coming sometime this week! You'll be amazed at how different someone can look from different angles or in different outfits!
*Sidenote* The brown skirt is my non-maternity one and I'll confess that I wore it to church with a rubberband holding it together, and this rubberband popped off a couple of times! This is how desperate I am to wear a skirt. I have NO maternity skirts (the one I bought at a yard sale a few weeks ago ended up being too small even though it was labeled my size.) I am tired of wearing pants, capris, and shorts, but I have not found any maternity skirts online or in stores or at yard sales or any sewing patterns for maternity clothes, except for one super short mini skirt someone loaned me. Of course the mini skirt had to be the one skirt that fit and I tried it on and said, "I can't believe anyone would dare wear something this short while pregnant!" To which my hubby replied, "I can't believe someone would wear something that short even if they weren't pregnant!"


Mrs. Taft said...

You look adorable! :D That shirt is cute too. I have enjoyed all the recent pictures :D

Josh & Laura said...

I wore skirts all through my entire pregnancy.. and to be honest, I never had too much trouble finding some to buy at thrift stores. I buy the elastic banded skirts, often in HUGE sizes, and use for maternity. I wear them down really low so they fit under my huge belly. Plus they are so comfy!! I can keep my eye out for you if you like.. any kind of skirts you really want? (I can also make some for you too.. If you;'d like)

The Three 22nds said...

I got a couple cute denim skirts at Old Navy on Clearance...I was also able to wear a lot of my old skirts/pants/capris far into my pregnancy because most of my stuff is low rise anyway.

SamAndHisGirls said...

Wow! I'm waiting for the side shot because you don't even look pregnant from the front! That's a real cute shirt!
I feel SO HUGE. I can't believe how uncomfy I am already!

I also found a cute maternity skirt at old navy for cheap on clearance a couple years ago. It was a staple in my Kayley pregnancy. I laughed when I read about your non-maternity skirt you wore on Sunday because I wore a non-maternity pair of khakis myself on Sunday that were okay as long as I was standing up, but when I sat down, I could hardly breathe. I would unbutton them when sitting down and pull my shirt down to hide it. I was so uncomfortable -- I don't think I'll do that again! :)

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