Monday, April 21, 2008

What are Baby Boys Made Of?

It's been 10 days since my views were radically changed from pink to blue and I had to mention on my blog just how happy and thrilled I've been recently. It's amazing how quickly one's mindset can change and how God's plan becomes so clear as what is best! I went through the baby girl clothes I had brought out prematurely to see if there was anything I could give my cousin who is having a girl any day. I originally had thought I would cry as I went through them, seeing all the beautiful Easter dresses and frilly bloomers and bonnets that I won't be using again (at least not anytime soon). It was amazing how much I didn't care! I sorted through them, showing Ali her old dresses, and thought to myself, "If I never have another girl, that's okay! No doubt I will have plenty of nieces (my brother wants to have 12 kids) or even some granddaughters someday to do girly things with!"
I am so happy to be having another little boy that I could care less about the frills and pink! Of course baby girl clothes will always be brighter and more fun than boy clothes, I know that to be a fact, but I have "bonded" with this idea of another son and it's so exciting. I can see now that if God had given me 3 boys, or 3 girls, I could be happy because children are so precious no matter what their gender! One can be content, no matter what God gives! I can see now how our friends with 8 boys and my Grandma with her 5 little boys (before she finally had 1 girl) could love and adore their guys so much without disappointment.
My husband has even been a little easier to deal with regarding names this time around and we've agreed on a first name already within 10 days, which is miraculous for us since we tend to be discussing final name choices while I'm in labor! I am looking forward to meeting my son and I wouldn't trade him for anything! (Now let's just hope the ultrasound was right! If a little girl pops out though, I know I will be equally as thrilled, though I will be in shock!)


Meredith said...

I agree that little boys are so, so wonderful. I see cute dresses in the stores, but I honestly don't feel sad that I don't get to use those (I do have a box of lots of cute girl stuff in my basement from my sister!). It's true that it's not the gender, it's the special little person. It's not the clothes, it's the sweet child that wears them. Perhaps someday I will have a daughter, but now, I am loving boys.

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

I loved your post Lindsey.. so much I had to do my own!! :) I am so happy for you in your quest to raise godly children to be blessed with another son!! How exciting! Isn;t it great to think God knows exactly how big (and blessed) our families will be with children? He plans it all, and we just recieve the blessings!! Amazing!! Enjoy your new little man!!

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