Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cleaning Out The Freezer Week....continued...

Cleaning out the freezer has been really good for us. And while it may look like there is still a lot in there, it is mostly hamburger and frozen pumpkin and zuchinni or vegetables or frozen berries. Of course I still need to straighten and organize it so it looks nicer, but at least we're making progress (there used to be about 3 times as much in here!) and were able to eat up a lot of things I had forgotten were there. And the homemade croutons turned out very yummy! Now that the freezer is getting cleaned out it will be time to fill it again! I ordered 5# of delicious frozen peaches from our monthly food order club, and I'll get some more free elk from my Dad. If I have the space, I'd like to freeze some extra loaves of homemade bread too!

One tip I learned: Do not freeze things that you made that were weird or gross cooking experiments, like my quinoa enchilada casserole, just because you are too cheap to throw out food. If you aren't going to eat it now, you won't want to eat it later either! (Unless of course you are bulk cooking and saving meals or portions for future fast meals).


Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Do you only have a refrigerator freezer, Lindsey? WOW! I thought for sure you had a deep freezer, for how much you use it!!! Maybe someday right? Say, how is it going, house-hunting? Find anything yet?

Mrs. Jo said...

Right now we do, but there is a huge deep freeze we own but it's in our shed due to the lack of space in our small apartment. I can get about 20 frozen meals, along with lots of other stuff in our refridgerator freezer though! No open rentals so far for us that are even remotely affordable. If we'd like to pay $1,575 a month there is one house in the paper that is a 3-bedroom rental! So, we might be in this rental for a while longer and the little baby can share our bedroom!

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