Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Coolest Bumper Sticker Ever!

One of our good friends owns the junker that sports this bumper sticker. I would like to know where he got it, so please 'fess up in the comments section and tell us all where we can get one like it!
Not because my car is a junker, but because I want to get one and secretly put it on my mom's car as a practical joke! People have been telling her to get a new car for years, especially since all three of her teens/young adults had nicer cars than herself, and my dad has offered countless times to buy her something nice, but she insists on driving a junker so she can live more simply and give more!


jesse said...

go here:
It's free, easy and all about saving money by not needing a sweet car so you have some money to help people who God loves.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Jo,
I caught you. Now I'll know who put this on my car!
Love, Mom

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