Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Kid Funnies

The neighbor girls were running around in ballerina outfits saying, "We're sexy." We were horrified, but we understand that their mom tells them this a lot and she merely means "pretty" when she uses the term. I told them not to say that and to say, "We're beautiful" instead. So they began running around saying, "We are NOT sexy! We will NEVER be sexy! We're beautiful!"

King Jo played soccer outside with all the kids. Whenever they would get a ball past him the neighbor girls would say, "We beat him up! We beat Jose' up!" instead of "We beat him!"
I get a kick out of their language foibles, just as they get a kick out me when I speak Spanish!

When kids talk about what schools they go to, Ali always pipes up in a bossy little tone, "I go to my Grammy's school!" She really thinks she goes to school too just because we visit Grammy's classroom about once a month.

One day we went up to Grammy's room to see her new class pet, a gerbil. She said, "Where are all the kids?" I said, "It's after school, they all went home to be with their moms and dads." She said, "They don't have moms and dads! They are big kids!"

Ali put her ear up to my belly and listened for the baby. She no doubt heard my supper being digested. She said, "I hear him! I think the baby in your tummy tooted!"

Yesterday I was singing hymns while making supper. I looked over and saw Jeremiah sitting in his high chair and he had his hands over his ears!

I have a little vibrating massager my in-laws got me for Christmas. The kids love to use it and think it's a very fun toy indeed and they love to give us massages. Jer always calls them a "soj." The funny thing is, he'll come up and try to massage me while I'm making supper, but the highest he can reach is my rear end, so I get a bum massage!

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