Thursday, April 3, 2008

TimeSaver Tip---Taking Meals to Folks

This week I was asked to do a meal for a friend who had a baby. I got to thinking that there was another couple in our church who brought us a nice meal recently and wanted to pay them back and I also remembered that it's about time I give my bachelor brother another home-cooked meal (his b-day gift was 3 or 4 meals delivered throughout the year). So, instead of doing these things on 3 separate occasions, I killed 3 birds with 1 stone and made a huge amount of nacho fixings and divided them into fourths so that there was enough for us and the 3 other families/people. Doing it for 3 is really no harder than doing it for 1 and it's a joy to be able to bless others.

Anyone who is into bulk cooking knows that it's a time and money saver! It's a lot of work all at once, but you reap the benefits of only having to dirty the dishes once and food is often cheaper in bulk quantities.

So, if there are a couple of families you've been meaning to take a meal to, plan to do it all on the same day!

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