Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ribbon Hair Bows

Packs of 12 clips are really inexpensive at a discount store!
A pretty ribbon tacked to the wall is a great way to store fancy hairclips!

Buttons, flowers, and all kinds of ribbon! There are endless possibilities!

My friend Heather made the pink feather boa clip for Alathia. The only feather boa I could find in our area has really big feathers so it is less airy looking and more flouncy and dramatic. We always get comments on these clips wherever we go!

Thanks to inspiration from and also thanks to being totally frustrated with the way my daughter's hair constantly looks wild and unkempt, I decided to make up some ribbon hair clips for her and for gifts. It's so cute to see little girls in bows (Meredith of always has her daughter dolled up in cute dresses and bows!) and they are super easy to make. You just take some clips, which can be purchased at most Wal-Marts or Ben Franklin stores, and hot glue a bow or snip of feather boa onto the clip. Thanks to my friend Heather for these clips, which she sent me when I couldn't find them in my own town! She also taught me, through e-mail, how to make the feather boa clips!

With the ribbon scraps I had on hand, I whipped these up today. You can get fancy and put a strip of velvet ribbon on the inner part of the metal clip to help hold very fine hair, but I didn't have any and they don't sell any in our town, so I skipped this step.

Parenting tip: If you, like me, have a wild little girl who is prone to taking her hair clips out at inopportune times and looking her worst just when you had hoped she would look her best, then perhaps you could benefit from this: I plan to plant a few of these little bows in my car, purse, and diaper bag, along with a tiny comb so that just before we go into a store, or church, or to the library, we have a back-up plan to fix those ragamuffin hair-dos!

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Heather Hanson said...

Your bows are adorable! What an excellent post this is, Lindsey, full of great pics & practical ideas. :)

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