Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eating Up the Freezer Stuff

This week I took a look at my stuffed freezer and realized I don't even have a clue what lurks at the back anymore. So, I determined that we eat up as much as we possibly can this week so that we can have some room in there for any sales that come up. I'd also like to be able to bake bread once a week and freeze a couple of loaves instead of making it every few days.

So, what did I find in the freezer:
* Frozen pumpkin and zucchini from friend's fall harvest
* A few packages of veggies
* Some individual portions of lunches/soups I had been saving for a hectic day
* Lots of chopped peppers (I stocked up on a good sale and chopped them all to have on hand since normally they are way too expensive for our budget)
* Lots of hamburger (some cooked, some not)
*Bread crumbs I have been saving to make homemade croutons out of
* A few popsicles from who knows when! Obviously not the kind my hubby likes since he can eat about 10 popsicles a day in the summer if they are a kind he likes

So, what's the plan?

*I made pepper chicken for my parents on Sunday evening, a yummy dish that used up most of the peppers
*I made 3 big loaves of pumpkin spice bread (good snack for the kids and I can freeze a loaf for fellowship Sunday)
*I'm planning to make croutons today by lightly coating the crumbs with butter and garlic salt and toasting in the oven
* The kids can eat the popsicles outside for snack today (thank the Lord it's getting warm enough for them to play outside!)
*We ate up quite a few of the frozen lunches for lunch in the last couple of days
*The veggies will definitely get used with our suppers this week. It's nice that we have food to use up since this was a slim week budget-wise due to some other expensive things I had to buy: diapers/stamps, etc.
* The cooked hamburger will be added to the spaghetti sauce for spaghetti tonight. We usually eat it meatless, but my husband will consider it a nice treat to have some hamburger in it tonight. The raw hamburger doesn't have to be used up, but I'm thinking that in a week or two we should fire up the grill and have a barbecue with the Mexican neighbors and serve them American food (hamburgers, chips, potato salad, etc.)

What kind of stuff lurks at the back of your freezer?


Heather Hanson said...

We've been doing freezer-clean-up for the last few weeks, too! It's amazing how far it stretches the weekly grocery budget! We've used up wild rice soup, western beef and cornmeal pie, spaghetti sauce, an entire turkey (cooked, chopped, & frozen again), and 3-4 other main dishes.

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Yeah, I LOVE digging through my freezer! I find all sorts of things.. :) It;s great to clean-out and great to have extra food to make stuff with! Just this week, I found some wild rice, chicken pieces, and cheese I had forgotten about! Yay! What a nice surprise!

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