Sunday, April 20, 2008

Maternity Fashion Show Continued

Lindsey, 23 weeks pregnant with Justus, is wearing a cotton button-up with khaki capris, a perfect lightweight outfit for spring or fall.

Laura looks lovely and comfortable in a stretchy top and skirt at 27 week pregnant with Rebekah. She got this top on clearance for $1 at JC Penney's.
Meredith, 30 weeks pregnant with Simon, looks casual, but not frumpy in her jeans and top.

A bright and cheery shirt makes Shiloh look like a glowing Mama when she's 23 weeks pregnant with Carsen and Kennedy.

It's hard to look good in anything when you're this big, but Lindsey loves her turquoise long-sleeved shirt and khaki pants when she's 9 months pregnant with Jeremiah.

Meredith looks lovely in this light, cool summer t at 36 weeks along with Simon.

In my hunt for cute and comfy maternity clothing for the summer, I have discovered a few really great places to get them for a decent price. I never would have thought would have had sooooo many great maternity clothes for so cheap! I ordered a cute t-shirt the other day for $1, plus $3 shipping. Can't beat that price in this town! There are thousands upon thousands of items, so check it out! Try to shop Motherhood Maternity online and they have a HUGE clearance section with tasteful and stylish clothing that is half the price of buying at a discount store like Target or Wal-Mart. Sometimes has some good clearance stuff too. Cute nursing clothing can be found at and I FINALLY found one site that actually sells long skirts made for a pregnant belly, Interested in having some clothing made to order? Check out the site for very traditional, modest dresses that are custom made at home.

Of course if you have great stores, outlets, malls, and department stores with great clearances you can also find some good bargains. But for me, living in a state where there isn't much for maternity outfits in the entire county, buying online or hitting a big city seems to be the way to go.


Josh & Laura Helweg said...
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Josh & Laura Helweg said...

So, the name you chose is Justus? Ilove it! I know you do too.. remembering your "baby names" post! :) How fun!!! Congrats on picking a great boy name so early.. I know what you mean about deciding in labor.. that;s what we did with Bekah! :)

Kristin said...

After our little boy was born, I looked at Nate and said "what's his name?" I had already decided in my mind for several months that his name would be Noah, so I'm glad Nate's "final say" was that. :-)

So it looks like all your guys will have J names. Is that on purpose? I think I remember you saying once that Josiah's side of the family does a tradition like that?

Anonymous said...

Justus! My new grandson. What a precious name for a precious boy!
Love, Mom
P.S. I think you look cute with short hair!

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