Monday, April 7, 2008

Project Minivan Update!!!

Exciting news about our minivan project! King Jo's sis is a missionary, currently stationed at headquarters in Texas. She is heading to Asia in early June. Her van, which her folks had given her a couple of years ago, broke down this weekend and is toast. So, she was stranded without a vehicle and called her folks for advice. It would have cost them a lot to travel 18 hours down to TX to help her buy a vehicle, so they just looked online and found one on Craig's List. They saw a lot of cheap deals online, but they worried that these wouldn't be all that reliable. Since they knew we were going to have them purchase us a van in the Twin Cities this summer anyway, they decided to get a really nice one and she can drive it for 2 months and then leave it in MN with them. They will bring it out when they come out to visit us this summer! The great news is that although my father-in-law spent $5,000 on the van, he offered to sell it to us for our target price, which was $3,500!!! Isn't that awesome? Of course, if we don't want this van, my FIL will gladly take it, since they would like to eventually have a minivan again too. We are so excited since we have never had such a nice vehicle and it will be perfect for our growing family. What a fast answer to prayer! We continue to try to save and pray that God would help us raise the money to buy this van. I can't wait to tell my kids the story of how God provided it when we all ride it in together for the first time!
It's a dark blue, Chrysler Town and Country luxury edition van, 2002 model!


Heather Hanson said...

Yay! God is so faithful!

ohhollyf said...

Wow, that's a nice van. God bless his family for looking after you all !

the momma said...

this is so great!!!

God does provide nicely, doesn't He??

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Wow.. what a steal for you guys!!! In July of '06 we bought a '97 Chrysler Town and Country and we LOVE it!!! Imagine getting a 2002 for that price! (we paid about the same for ours) I'm so happy for you guys.. the van's double side doors really are a HUGE blessing, along with the pilot passenger seats. (Great for car seats) What a blessing!

Mrs. Taft said...

praise God!

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