Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Little Lady in the Making?

Don't be fooled! While there are times it seems our little girl is quite the little lady, there are also times we have to wonder..... Such as last week when we were in a store and she whipped down her skirt and said, "Look Mom! I forgot to put undies on this morning!" Or today when I noticed her trying to color on things in the store and said, "Where did you find that crayon?" She said, "It was in my underwear!" I said, "Ew! Put it in my pocket!" She did and then pulled out another one, saying, "I had two in there!" We were stamping May baskets today and she was doing a wonderful job, being careful not to get ink on her hands so I ran to my bedroom to find a stapler. The phone rang and she delivered it to me in my room. When I saw her, I gasped. "What happened to your face?" Apparently in the couple of minutes I was out of sight she had stamped all over her face and shirt with ink! Little did I know the phone was covered too since she had answered it and so my face got ink on it from talking on the phone! What a mess!
My husband said he is convinced the worst is behind us. When I asked him what he meant by that he said, "I don't think we will ever have another kid as challenging as Ali so it can only get better from now on!" This theory remains to be tested!
(My mom gave us a little porcelain tea seat that she and her sister had as little girls. I played with it as a little girl too. We pulled it out the other day for a very special Mother-Daughter tea time!)


Heather Hanson said...

That picture is so sweet! Are you going to put it in your picture album?

Lyndi said...

those stories about Ali are so funny, I even had brandon laughing as I read them:)

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