Monday, April 21, 2008

De-Clutter and Anti-Procrastinate

Biblicalwomanhood is doing a de-cluttering emphasis this week and so I've been thinking about what projects I need to do or ones that I have been putting off. A huge project I've been putting off forever that I finally tackled this weekend was clearing out my e-mail inbox. I had nearly 800 e-mails just sitting around in there! Talk about clutter! I can now proudly say there are less than 40! Yeah! That feels good!

One project I did a long time ago, but keep procrastinating on posting about is my school drawers. Remember when I said all of our homeschooling/preschool supplies desperately needed a place to go? Well a long time I cleaned out this drawer, which I got last summer at a yard sale for $1.50, and filled it with the school stuff and stuck it between our computer desk and the kid's picnic table in our living room. Top drawer is coloring books and library books, second drawer is playdough, paints, flashcards, foam letters, etc. Third drawer are activity cards and miscellaneous. We had been putting the marker and crayon boxes in there but the kids were just getting into them too much and making messes so those are still on top of the fridge (the highest place in the house and one of the few places they can't reach!)

The leather and craft stuff that used to be in the plastic drawers that now hold school stuff got rotated to a plastic bag for many months. I was tired of the un-organized mass of leather and stuff sitting in bags in my bedroom so I got these plastic tubs and neatly arranged my leather in the bottom one and my beaded-sock/ribbon-sock supplies in the small one on top. So much neater now, hurray!

The other main project I've been procrastinating on that I should tackle this week:
Matching mother/daughter dresses for Ali and I. I was waiting to find out the gender of my baby so that I could make an extra dress to match our baby if it was a girl. Now that I know it's a boy, I need to get going on it before I get too big to even wear the dress! I've been contemplating buying a maternity pattern and making mine a maternity top and skirt instead of a jumper so I can wear it longer.

If you want to get in on the de-cluttering challenge this week, visit to partake in the challenge and be inspired by other women!

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