Friday, April 18, 2008

Toddler Funnies

Ali never fails to say funny things. Here are some of her most recent phrases:

"I used to be a baby and Bear-Bear used to be a big boy, but now he's a baby and I'm a big girl!" (Huh?)

"When you were a little girl Mama, I was your Mama, but now I'm a girl and you're the Mama!" (Is our child into re-incarnation or what?)

Another statement that shows us she still doesn't understand the past. "I used to be a little boy but now I'm a little girl!" (Could this be related to the fact that we have a baby boy in utero?)

At the grocery store, to a complete stranger: "I have a baby brudder. This is my baby brudder, and I have anudder brudder too in my mommy's tummy!"

When she was scolded for being wild on the couch and accidentally kicking me, and I said, "We NEVER kick Mommy. No, no, no!" She said, "But the baby in your tummy kicks you!"

She always refers to folks as the color of their shirt. So she'll tell us the Green Lady taught Sunday School (our pastor's wife wearing a bright green coat!). At the park a little boy hit her and she told me later that the Pink Girl's brother hit her and his Green Mom came and told her sorry. She often refers to a teen girl at our church as "The Black Girl" because she wears black a lot!

When doing devotions questions (from My First Book of Questions and Answers) I asked, "What did God make Eve out of?" She replied, "Out of Adam's ribbons!"

I was eating my french toast with my fingers the other day and she chided me, "Eat with your fork Mommy! You need to eat like a lady!"

It's not like I've ever been in an accident with Ali in the car, but you'd think I'd have with the way she treats me as a driver. One day on the drive to a nearby town she said, "Don't fall off the road!" I assured her I wouldn't! A few minutes later she said with a sigh, "I really hope we don't fall off the road."

One night Ali said her bedtime prayers and remembered Uncle Coco (Colter) in Guatemala. She said, "Thank you Lord for Uncle Coco to stay far, far away in Guatemala!"

One day we were at the laundry room and a repairman walked by. She yelled, "There goes a BAD, BAD, BAD man!" I was mortified, though I'm not sure he heard it!

Josiah hadn't shaved in a few days and Ali said, "Daddy, you have ants all over your face!"

Recently, Ali's started calling Jeremiah "Husband" instead of "Daddy" when they play. It used to be "Daddy this" and "Daddy that" but now she's using the term "Husband!"


Heather Hanson said...

Thanks for posting these! One of my favorite parts of teaching preschool was the surprising and mystifying things the kids say!

All in a Day said...

Very cute! I especially like the one, "But the baby in your tummy kicks you!"

Meredith said...

Those are wonderful and adorable! Print those out so she can read them someday...I love hearing what I said as a kid. Thanks for sharing!

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