Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kid Funnies

One evening the girls decided that they wanted to have big tummies like me. Here are their "pregnant bellies."
The girls have abandoned their tea party. It's time to move in and chow down on this watermelon! (notice the watermelon seed under his eye!)

At Heather's request, I decided to do another kid funnies post!

Ali always asks me if she was in my tummy in the picture on my bedroom shelf. It's a wedding pic of Josiah and I. I always explain that back then we didn't have ANY kids. She says, "Where was I?" I say, "You weren't alive yet." She said, "Was Grammy babysitting me?" "No." "Was I dead?" "No, God hadn't made you yet! First people need to get married and then God makes their children." "Oh, okay. Now you have me and Bear-Bear and now we're married!"

Ali was trying to tell me something a neighbor had said to her the other day. She wanted me to be sure I knew who she was talking about. She described her to me as the red girl with the really, really big tummy! I'm so glad our neighbor didn't hear her since our neighbor wearing the red shirt is NOT pregnant!

Ali told Daddy she loved him and she wanted him to give his usual reply back. But his mouth was full of toothpaste so it sounded like, 'wwa wuv woo.' She said it again and he mumbled again. Finally in frustration, she said, 'Daddy! I want your mouth to say 'I love you!''

Ali ran into the hall in a panic one day. She didn’t realize I was watching them from the hall and that Jer was at the other end of the hall. She cried, “I can’t find Bear-Bear! He’s maybe killed!” (Can you tell we have given them stern lectures about what might happen if they go out of the gate and get in the street?)

There’s been a lot of saying sorry and forgiveness going on around here. I often hear little apologies going back and forth when the kids are playing. Jer is very quick to say “Saw-wee” and give gentle hugs if he does something mean or accidentally hurts Ali. Ali has some interesting apologies. One day she said she was sorry for breaking my pretty tulip and I told her I forgave her. She then told me she loved me too, and that she forgave me! She often does that! One day I heard her telling Jer in the bedroom, “I love you Bear-Bear. But sometimes I’m naughty and I shove you down.” Jer replied, “Oh-kaaaaay!” It was sweet!

Ali told me today that if you don't wear your seatbelt you die. But she said, "I don't die because I always wear my seatbelt!"

Ali noticed my cup of raspberry iced tea sitting on the table and informed me, "If you leave your juice out it will spoil. So, I'm going to drink it for you so it doesn't spoil."

Ali told Daddy, "When I get big I'm going to be a Mama and a doctor is going to put a baby in my tummy. But my baby isn't going to be Justus. It's going to be a girl."

Jer copies everything Ali says. One of their favorite things to yell with big smiles when Mama mentions a nap is "NO NAP! NO NAP!" He copied one of the neighbor girls tonight and now says "mucho" and it sounds so funny in his little baby-talk accent. They thought it was very funny and cute! Leave it to the second kid to have all the "naughty" words memorized thanks to an older sibling. He loves to holler for chips, candy, ice-cream, pie, cookies, etc. One of the neighbor girls taught Ali the word "Heck" so we've been working on training her NOT to say that. When I heard my little guy yelling "Heck! Heck! Heck!" one day, I knew Big Sis had been up to no good! Jer has also started copying Ali's routines. Tonight before bed, he was saying, "Taco! Taco!" I realized he wanted to be wrapped in a blankie taco like Ali is every night. He also says "Baby Duthis (Justus)" and will say this and point to my tummy, telling me he wants to kiss the baby bump at night like Ali does. One night when he was hugging/kissing my belly, Justus kicked his cheek and he got this big grin on his face, like "something is alive in there!"

Every day and usually every night Ali asks the same questions over and over. I've given her the answers a hundred times in several different ways. Her favorite questions are: Why did Auntie Kika get bit by a spider? Why did Uncle Goo Goo (Grant) fall out of a tree? (Good question, Ali!) Why did Rico (my dad's horse) get a sore on his leg? Why did Squirt (my mom's gerbil) die? Why did the boy who didn't wear his seatbelt die? (a recent car accident in our town where a man my age was killed.)


Peggy said...

Congrats on funding the mini-van! And I wanted to say congrats on the expected blessing! How wonderful! I haven't talked to you blog-to-blog for a while so I was surprised to see the baby! Neat!!!

Heather said...

Thanks, Lindsey! That made my day! :)

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