Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Freezer Meal Progress

Last week, I mentioned here how my freezer meal progress was going. I'm really liking this gradual adding to the freezer as it's less stressful than trying to do a mega cook-off weekend with little ones in the household. This week I've added a few things to the freezer:

*Grilled chicken breasts (6 large ones). Chicken was on a good sale and I was using my folk's large, fancy grill to make supper for some cross-country bikers (friends of friends stopping through town for the night) so I bought an extra package and threw it on the grill at the same time and now have a bag of yummy grilled chicken to use for post-baby meals!

*3 bags of cooked mac n' cheese. I normally make the homemade kind but the kids enjoy the box kind too and it was on a good sale. So, for lunch one day I made 4 boxes instead of 2 and froze a few bags for quick lunch food for the kids post-baby.

*One large roll of yummy cookie dough. A new recipe I got from my hippie neighbor that is absolutely delicious! I doubled the recipe and froze half for some quick treats to have on hand.

*One bag of cooked brown rice. I plan to freeze more rice too but one bag is a start! It will be quick to reheat this in the microwave and throw some veggies on top for a nutritious lunch or dinner when I'm breastfeeding!

*Two frozen containers of Ravioli. I bought a 10# can at Wal-Mart since it was so cheap and froze two containers full as well as serving it for dinner and lunch the next day. It will do for a quick, kid-friendly lunch.

Goals for more meals/fixings:

*Get at least a few bags of bread dough in the freezer. Also some pizza dough for making homemade pizza. I would normally make the pizzas up completely (homemade frozen pizzas) if I had a big freezer to work with, but to save space, at least having the dough ready will save a lot of time for me in post-baby days.

*Get more mac n' cheese frozen as well as a few bags of cooked pasta this week.

*Stock up on canned chili, some canned soup, cans of Chow Mein, and frozen veggies.

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