Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Frugal Anniversary

This year was our 5th Anniversary and we decided it would be fun to have a weekend getaway without the kids since we have not been apart from our kids AT ALL since the day Ali was born. If I wasn't pregnant and if we had gotten more for our Economic Stimulus, we would have gone away for a couple of nights at a Bed N' Breakfast in the mountains or in the town nearby with the natural hotsprings. But, since my energy levels are zilch and we want to pinch every penny for our van, we decided to do just a simple overnight at home. The kids went to my folk's at supper time and we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants where we ate grilled paninis and salad on the rooftop. Yummy! We wanted to go to a show since we don't get to go to the theater more than about once a year, but the only one playing in town was Wall-E so we walked hand-in-hand to the video store 2 blocks away and each picked out one to watch. We had a relaxing evening eating ice-cream, watching movies, and exchanging massages. Then we got to do something we haven't done in a few years: SLEEP IN!!! We thought for sure we'd get up bright and early because of our internal clocks, but we didn't finally roll out of bed until about 10 a.m.! Then we headed to our favorite bakery for bagels and cream cheese croissants before going to pick up the kids.

It was fun, but strange to have a night off-duty as Daddy and Mommy. I look forward to eventually being able to go away on an overnight or two when I'm not pregnant and when the youngest is old enough to leave again. This one-nighter was the perfect amount of time for us as we both felt refreshed but also very anxious to see our little ones again. It was fun, but because we have a lot of time together during the week and a weekly home-date-night and (in my humble opinion) a great marriage, I really don't feel weekend getaways are necessary for us to have a great relationship though they might be a nice bonus. I think getaways will become more routine once our children are all elementary school age and up and we have less one-on-one time together due to kids that don't go to bed every night at 7 p.m.

So that was our 5th Anniversary "treat" and it only cost around $35 for a wonderful time together!

The kids had fun with Grammy and Boppa and got spoiled rotten of course!

*And this may seem lame to some of you but I told King Jo that for our anniversary gift to each other I would like it if we bought a term life insurance policy and got our will done! We've been meaning to do a will but have been putting it off for a long time. So, thanks to recommendations from Dave Ramsey, we bought the forms online at to do our WY will and plan to check out Zander Insurance and buy some this month!

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Mrs. Taft said...

Happy Anniversary! May the Lord bless you richly with many happy and fruitful years together!

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