Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wooden Names Project

I mentioned before that I finally found wooden letters for Jer's name at a craft store in Billings and wanted to get them done before the new baby comes. So, last week I got busy painting while we watched a weekend movie and found it to be a fun, easy, and adorable project. When Ali was a baby, I found letters at the local dollar store for her (they only had letters for her nickname, Ali Joy, and not her full name) but I was tired of the sick, pasty pink color that really doesn't fit well with her vibrant personality so I painted them a bright pink with green circles.
You may recognize one of my yard sale finds put to use! this little dress frame was only 50 cents brand new and I put the cutest current pic of Ali in it as an added decoration for her side of the room.
To get the wild green circles, I dipped one of Ali's pony-tail holders in green paint and sponged the circles onto the letters.
Since Jer's letters don't have little loops or holes for hanging them, I used a flat metal tack to tack a ribbon to the back of them (they are very thick) and then used push-pins to hang the ribbon tabs on the wall.
The name/footprint cross-stitch was a baby gift from my friend Hannah. I painted a cheap 5X7 frame we had around the house with the same calypso blue I used on the letters to frame it.
The paint cost 50 cents-$1 per tube and Jer's letters were only $1.50 each. This makes for a very economical way to decorate considering that buying painted letters from many catalogs will run you at least $50 and sometimes more if the name is long!


Josh & Laura said...

This is such a cute project Lindsey!! For the girls' rooms I bought them name plaques (Their name with the meaning and bible verse underneath) and I hang it under a 8x10 picture of them!! Keeps my picture nook updated and it's so great to have the meanings w/bible verses. :) Love the decorating!!

Mrs. Taft said...

Great project! It's so cute and special <3

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