Friday, June 13, 2008

Blessings from the Lord!

My friends out there better get busy having boys because I'll have LOTS to pass down next year!

I've posted on here before about how we've been continually blessed by folks in our church and our friends outside of church with lots and lots of hand-me-downs. It is so neat to see how God provides for our kids! Just before we went to Billings I was wondering if I should get Ali a few more t-shirts and clothes for the fall while we were in the city. But the day before we went, we got another garbage bag-full of adorable dresses, some with the tags still on them, and now she is again set for another year! I don't think I've ever needed to buy clothes for her in her whole life except the occasional package of undies or pair of pajamas.

This week our friends decided to clean out their baby clothes and bless us with tons of baby boy clothes! Thank you Lora and Shiloh! As you can see from our couch, we have more than enough to take care of all of Justus' clothing needs as well as having all of Jeremiah's old stuff! The crazy thing is that about 25% of these outfits still have tags and have never even been used! Sorting through all the cute clothes makes me more and more anxious to have our baby. For those of you who are wondering, my pregnancy is going fine, I'm perfectly healthy and not horribly uncomfy yet, and I'm THRILLED to be having a boy. Now I wonder what the fuss was all about with me wanting a girl? It's amazing how much your heart can change when you accept an idea and now I would be disappointed NOT to have my expected little boy! I do hope to have a little girl again eventually but if not, I'm happy with what God chose to give us!

Another praise is that we don't have an infant carseat anymore as we sold it at a yard sale a year ago since it had gone through 2 kids and was discovered to be the least-safe model out there. We were hoping to buy a very safe model, the Graco Snugride. One of our friends happened to have one she doesn't want that only went through one baby, is only 3 years old, and is still up to safety standards! She gave it to us for free! God is good! While people may be wondering how we can afford another kid, God is providing above and beyond what we need!

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the momma said...

Isn't God good?!!!
Sometimes I get a bit discouraged that God doesn't give me all the goodies He gives others (like all these clothes...and all the freebies at stores...) and then I realize, we don't NEED them, our needs are ALL met perfectly fine!!

can't wait for your little sweetie to arrive!

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