Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hot Deals This Week

Safeway had a great Father's Day deal going. You buy $20 worth of quality beef (and the beef is half price!) along with 4 of the Father's Day special products and you get $10 off your order!
Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, it's nice to have our favorite brand of ice-cream in the freezer! Breyer's was buy one, get one free and was part of the meat deal. So, we got about 11# of the leanest hamburger and round steak strips, plus four ice-creams all for $23! A perfect deal for this week since we have Father's Day AND King Jo's birthday and he loves ice-cream more than any other food!
Yard Sale Deal
I'm trying to be really careful not to buy things I will not use or don't truly need at yard sales. I really wanted to get a couple of baby bottles that are glass because of all of the stuff people are saying about plastic bottles contaminating babies. Though I plan to breastfeed, it's nice to have some bottles on hand in case I want to pump a bottle. So, these glass baby bottles for a quarter each were a great find! One helmet was $1, and one was $2, brand new, still in the packaging. I've been really wanting to get some for my kids since we bike all the time and it's so much safer for them to wear head protection. The new photo album was 50 cents and is the exact kind that I like to put baby photos in and costs $9 at Wal-Mart. Now, I just need to glue a boyish piece of paper over the flowers so it looks more manly for Justus!

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Nicole said...

Boys can enjoy flowers too! ;)

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