Friday, June 20, 2008

Just wondering?

Am I the only one who tears up every time a family yells, "Freedom!" when I'm listening to the Dave Ramsey Show online? Is this just a pregnancy hormones thing?

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the momma said...

oh my gosh ~ I was listening last night!
I never listen to the radio at home, so I rarely ever hear Dave, but I ran a few errands in the evening (ok - I picked up pizza & a movie - but anyways...) I was listening to Dave & there were 2 people that called in with their story & I teared up BOTH times they did the "We're debt free!!" Bizarre ~ gotta be the hormones!!
I bawled a kazillion times watching 'You've Got Mail' the other day, too & I don't remember even sniffling - except when she closes the store & there I sat crying so that I had to get a tissue!
glad I'm not alone ~ the weird thing is - I am NOT a crier! My husband probably cries more than I do - you know, when I'm NOT pregnant :-)

have a great weekend ~ Tracy

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