Monday, June 9, 2008

Making my Home a Haven Update

Here are the pics of my anti-procrastination day!
The leftover containers were growing out of control! I had been saving all of my cottage cheese and Smart Balance containers and there were so many that when I'd put the clean ones up there I'd just hope none fell out and slam the doors shut as fast as I could. The cupboard is way above my head so it's difficult to keep straightened when there are that many items up there.
I put some leftover containers in the picnic basket for our weekly picnic. I put some of them in storage in case I make freezer jam this summer and need them. I filled one bag for my mom, who seems to run out of these containers quickly, and one bag is full of ones that I can toss or save for painting/craft project.
So much nicer! Less is better!

Our tiny pantry gets full of clutter quickly as it serves as our garage/utility room/pantry/cleaning closet.

Of course little Jer doesn't help matters as he always tries to sneak back there and rearrange my shelves!

Cereal and baking on top, snacks and miscellaneos, a shelf of mostly tomato products, and extra paper plates, party supplies and plastic utensils on the bottom.

Much cleaner and easier to find things!

Blessings to you as you straighten and organize your homes too!

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BarbaraLee said...

DD likes to collect containers for her craft stuff. Oh the things she finds.

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