Monday, June 30, 2008

Making My Home a Haven Monday

Yes, this post is a little behind since I'm posting it Monday night, but it's been a pretty busy day that has left me very little time for even trying to make my home a haven. The day started off with me getting my first ever cavity filled at 8 a.m. and I handled it without anesthesia. It wasn't all that painful and was over quite quickly, but I still think dentists are some of the scariest people on the planet, what with their whirring instruments and little drills they stick into your teeth! I think the smells were harder on me than anything!

Ali's swimming lessons also started today at 9 a.m. and she will have them M-T for 3 weeks straight. It is fun to watch her be all "grown up" and sit on the edge of the big pool while I watch from the bleachers and see her actually obeying her teachers and having fun. She is excited about going and I think she will learn a lot. It seems like almost every mom in town is there so it's nice to visit with other moms for an hour while we watch. Of course Ali had to do one of the gross-est things in the world (she never fails to amaze me with how many absolutely nasty things there are out there that kids can do) and slurp some water off the dirty pool floor during her lesson! Eeewww!

Since my mom was going on a big excursion to the big town I decided to go along. I was planning to wait until Thursday but jumped at the chance to split the gas money and have some help with the kids for the mega shopping. I got tons of stuff stocked up so I shouldn't need to hit Wal-Mart again until after Justus is born! And since Walgreens had some amazing deals on diapers, toliet paper, and paper plates (all things I was hoping to stock up on some more) I'm pretty much stocked up on everything that's really important now! Yeah! The kids did wonderful during the 4 hour trip and I even managed to squeeze in 2 loads of laundry and some vacuuming today after hauling everything in and putting it all away.

Tomorrow I really need to focus on making my home a haven since there are endless stacks of dishes to do, as usual, that I don't have the energy for tonight. I'm finding it harder and harder to get dishes done as I get closer to the end of the pregnancy, especially since it's a bit awkward to try to stand next to the sink with a big belly and it hurts my back to bend over the sink for very long. Oh to have a dishwasher! Someday......

At least I have a headstart on the 4th of July now that I got my shopping done at the beginning of the week. Thursday will be a salad-making day as we have 3 picnics to attend in 2 days and will be bringing potato salad and pretzel/jell-o salad to all of them!

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