Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Fun!

We enjoyed a pool party with friends on Friday afternoon! It has gotten really, really hot here!
Jeremiah absolutely terrified me at this party because he has no fear of water and is reckless and crazy in the water. He enjoyed continually diving headfirst into the big pool and rolling around underwater a while before he would stand up. Even though I'd beg him to stay in the little tiny pool he kept doing this over and over. Then my friends were telling me about "dry drowning" and it really freaked me out since he goes underwater so much and voluntarily swallows so much water! This condition kills a few thousand kids each year when they go to sleep after swimming and "drown" in their sleep due to swallowed water. Scary stuff!
After 3.5 years, Ali's hair is finally starting to grow slightly so I put two tiny braids in for the first time ever on Sunday for church. To look at the stubborn set of this little tyke's face, there is no doubt that she is our "spirited" child. She seems to behave the best if we do tons and tons of physical activity or she has lots of stimulation (swimming lessons, library program, crafts, etc.)

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Kristin said...

That doesn't even look like Ali in that picture!

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