Monday, June 16, 2008

Making my Home a Haven Monday

I don't know about you, but Mondays my home usually feels anything BUT a haven so it's good to have this emphasis to get weekend clutter cleared up. I don't know what it is about weekends that makes me feel like a zombie, but I have very little motivation sometimes when it comes to chores on weekends!

This week, my goal is to work on developing a Summer Schedule in my binder. I'm finding it harder to stick with my Spring schedule now that the weather is nice and the kids are begging to play outside the minute they are done with breakfast. I have decided that although we will still keep working some with alphabet and numbers in the summer I will avoid trying to do a "schooling" activity with Ali each day and rather just let her play outside, have pool parties, and do whatever crafts/games she wants to do as they fit in our schedule. She still colors at least once a day and she still enjoys her preschool activities (skill builders) when she needs something to do, but I'm taking it off of my schedule so that I can feel like it's not an emotional burden during the relaxing summer months.

I also need to refigure our morning devotion time too as it seems to be harder to implement in the summer. Basically, our apartment is pretty hot so we open the back and front door early in the morning, but the minute the kids are down from the table they run outside to play. I need to either get up earlier and eat breakfast with them (hubby lets me sleep in and does breakfast for the kids when I'm preggo) so I can do them right after or plan to do devos before or after naps.

Since starting my home management binder I've found that a lot of chores have become second nature. While it's fun to be able to check lots of things off the list throughout the day, I really could condense my schedule a lot by cutting the "no-brainers" off the list. Do I really need to check off that I made lunch since I'm pretty sure I will do it every day of my life with or without a list? Instead of having 15 -20 things on my list each day my summer schedule will consist of just the basics. For example:
Monday: General Straightening/Cleaning/Vacuuming
Tuesday: Deep Clean the Kitchen Day and Library Story Time
Wednesday: Pay Bills, General Cleaning Day, Read lots of books with kids
Thursday: Picnic at the Park with Friends Day, Clean Bedrooms
Friday: Plan Grocery Lists/Menus, Shop for the week, Date Night
Saturday: Family Fun Day, Yard work, Misc. chores

Of course I still need to include on my schedule various appointments and a reminder to give everyone their vitamins since that is still something I struggle with remembering. I will still keep my weekly and monthly lists the same too and work on those tasks throughout the week as I have time.

Do you completely ditch your schedule in the summer?

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