Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks Laura!

Laura made this pretty flared one herself!

This is a lightweight broomstick skirt.

This wraparound works great even with a belly! This was a very non-photogenic face day so I cut my head off in the pics!

What a blessing it is to have friends so willing to share and give things that they have but aren't using in order to bless others! I am so thankful for the wonderful friends God has given me, even though some may live very far away and some may be those I haven't even met in person or haven't spent much time with!

Laura, a friend in MN, sent me a surprise package on Saturday that was FULL of goodies! For one thing, she sent me FOUR beautiful skirts, 3 of which I can wear while pregnant as well as not-pregnant, and a maternity top too! Thanks for passing those on to me; I can truly use them! She also sent me 3 jars of her delicious apple butter and crab apple jelly since she has more on hand than they can eat (you should see how much this gal puts up every year!) And to top it all off, she sent me a stack about 2 inches high of coupon inserts! I can't tell you how much that made my day considering our local paper hasn't had ANY coupons at all the last 2 out of 4 times I've bought the paper at the grocery store. I was clipping like mad! And included in that were 2 booklets of organic coupons. Thanks a million Laura!


Frugal Musings said...

What wonderful gifts. I love the colors of the skirts.

Josh & Laura said...

I'm sooo glad you got them Lindsey!! I love just passing them on, as they were collecting dust in my closet! They look soooo cute on you!! as for the coupons, just know how much I appreciate what you do on your blog and COF (as savings tips).. It's just one little way I can say thanks! Love ya!

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