Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Preschool Activities

Thanks to the inspiration I gained from the book "Mommy, Teach Me!" by Barbara Curtis, I have been trying to stock a supply of things Ali can use for skill building exercises. One thing we've tried, which she really enjoys (and it keeps her busy for quite a while) is using a turkey baster to squeeze water from one bowl into another, left to right. When she masters that, I will give her an eyedropper to try it with.

These large wooden beads (25 cents for a ziploc bag at a yard sale) are so much fun to string onto a shoelace!

These little foam circles were in the toybox at the thrift shop. I'm not sure what they are, but for 25 cents, they make great color-matching objects. I simply have her put all the rings in the largest square of the meal tray, and then sort them by color into the smaller squares. She loves it! Jer likes it too, and we, being the biased parents that we are, think he's SO SMART to be sorting colors at his age!

Ali enjoys washing dishes in a little basin nearby while I wash dishes. Though I usually just give her plastic, unbreakable stuff, the book encourages giving them breakables too, so I'm branching out with that!

The local library has the neatest programs for kids in the summer! This summer's theme is bugs, so today, after some bug stories, they decorated "bug cookies." Most of the moms with young kids in town go! If they fill out their reading charts, they get a prize at the end of the program! Both of my kids love it!

Playing with homemade play dough is one of my kid's favorite activities. They also love to color, sometimes a few different times in a day.


the momma said...

isn't that book great? and you're doing a great job of inexpensively substituting the activities!

the discs are from little disc guns. silly me - I toss them when I find them laying around after being shot. I should've been collecting & repurposing them!
I should probably warn you - babies do love to put those little circles in their mouths, so be careful when Justus is up & about...

best go get dinner going....

Jamie said...

Good activities!

Kristin said...

Great ideas Lindsey! I ordered that book online and am still waiting for it to come. I think I will try that turkey baster idea for Madison.

I laughed at your comment about Jer, because of my recent post. He's so advanced for being the second child! :-)

Heather said...

Great ideas, Lindsey! Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey!
This probably isn't really the place to post this but I wasn't sure where else to do it. I couldn't find anything on your blog about potty training. I would like to start with my daughter and need lots of advice!
Thanks, Jade

REAL ME said...

I am a first time visitor and I love your blog. I was motivated to hit some yard sales and such for some learning tools. We also have a super neat library program. I need to take advantage of it again. Thanks for sharing!

REAL ME said...

I was curious. How and where do you store your learning stuff to make it easily accessible during the day?

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