Friday, June 27, 2008

Project Prep--Freezer Meals

This time around, I'm doing something a little different for my food storage for post-baby meals. Having had winter babies previously I have made a lot of soups and stews and hearty casseroles in the past, which really hit the spot for us in the winter! However, this time around, I have a hunch we will be very, very hot and craving different kinds of meals! I planning on doing things that will save me lots of time, like having cooked meats and beans on hand as well as cooked pasta and shredded cheese. This will help me keep supper-making simple when there are 3 little ones around. So, here's what I have stocked up so far and what I plan to stock up on:
What I've Done:
2 bags of homemade pancake/waffle mix (makes 12 batches!)
1 loaf of homemade bread frozen so far
1 chicken brocolli rice casserole frozen
1 pan of chicken enchiladas frozen
4 bags of cooked hamburger frozen
4 bags of cooked black and red beans frozen
1 batch of homemade muffins
What I Plan to Do:
Freeze about 6 bags of shredded cheese to have handy for snacks/meals
Freeze 10-20 lbs of cooked spaghetti and pasta noodles for quick spaghetti/macaroni salad/mac n' cheese for kid snacks or lunches
Freeze more loaves of homemade bread
Make 5-10 homemade frozen pizzas
Make 20-30 homemade frozen bean and rice burritos
Stock snack crackers, frozen fruit, dried fruit, and frozen muffins and cookies for quick snacks
Freeze a minimum of 5 more casserole/main dish type meals
Cook a bunch of chicken breasts and dice them and freeze them for quick chicken meals
Due to the fact that our apartment is so small, our deep freeze in our storage shed. So, I have limited space to work with, but I have squeezed 20 frozen meals in there the last go-around! If I need to, I can put some of my frozen food in my parent's freezer and hope my brother doesn't eat it! If I had a deep freeze you would see about 30 more things on this list!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a smart plan. Your post was inspiring as I've been meaning to get some mixes and such made up.

BTW, I really enjoy your blog. I can't remember how I came across it.

Mrs. Taft said...

Sounds very smart to me. Good for you! :)

Tomorrow (Tuesday July 1st) I'm hosting a giveaway, so check my blog then if you're able.

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