Friday, February 6, 2009

You Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Jer timidly checks out Daddy's new cast.

The new cast is more light-weight and a snazzy color!

King Jo (last week) stands on the couch to repair the fallen curtain rod. The folks who lived here before us hung everything in sheetrock and not in studs. So we have a few shelves around the house with this same problem.

Monday's check-up went very well. The roads were dry all the way to and from Billings when King Jo and Blake went up for the day. The doctor took off the first cast and put on a new one after x-rays. It looks like surgery to remove the pins could happen as soon as March 16th! There are a few long pins in his wrist (in the shape of an x with a straight pin through the x) and they made 3 incisions on his wrist (top, bottom, and side). He must have fell really hard, considering his entire upper thigh is black and purple and is the biggest bruise I've ever seen!
This week King Jo has been going into work 6 hours a day and working one-handed. Surprisingly, he can do a lot by holding wood with his elbow and using his other hand to sand as well as varnishing with his right hand. He seems to be feeling much better. I was surprised at how few pain pills he took in the first week though. He only used about 3 out of 30. However, he did ice it constantly, around the clock because it helped the uncomfortable swelling.
As for me, I feel so much better this week, especially after getting taxes done with TurboTax (free edition) and finding out we only have to pay 4% of what we expected to have to pay. Yay! God is so good! Last week was so, so, so hard because I think I was more worried than even I realized consciously and I felt majorly overworked, not because King Jo asked for lots of help, but because I felt in some ways like a single parent. It was hard to adjust to doing everything since he always helped so much with the kids. I used to tell people, "I could never have three if I didn't have a husband who was on board with it and pitched in a ton." However, after last week, I realize that I can do, by God's strength, a lot more than I think I can. And to my hubby's credit, he does do what he can with reading the kids stories, disciplining when he's home, and tickling them with one hand! Once he's healed up and helping out with kids more again I'm sure I'll feel spoiled and lazy!

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Anonymous said...

Dare I say it, your husband is very handsome. You are very adorable together.

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