Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pondering Sabbath

Am I the only one who wonders how to reconcile taking a Sabbath and being a mom? Being a mom is my hardest job I have ever had, and yet it is the one role I can't just take a weekly rest from. Even if I don't do household chores and do minimal food prep, there is nothing restful about caring for my kids.

Then there is the idea of being hospitable. Now that we have a place that feels somewhat roomier for hosting company we are trying to have more people over; something we didn't do often when we were in the tight little apartment. Sunday seems to be the best day for others to come over, but there's no doubt about it, having company is extra work.
So, how do we reconcile being hospitable with taking a weekly rest? How do Mommies observe the Sabbath?

And in speaking of Sabbath, I'm not talking about legalism and making lists of dos and don'ts. I'm talking about obeying Commandment #4 and acknowledging that God knows what is best for our bodies and wants us to take a day to focus on Him and on resting from our work.

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Thia said...

I have often had this question myself. I think here, it is still shaping up, but so far, this is what I aim for:
1) food is either leftovers or crock pot. Also things that are easy like cheese, pepperoni, crackers, bean dip and so forth. Nothing fancy or time intensive
2) Unless I absolutely have to, no laundry
3) I do need to get my husband ready for work Monday, I am going to start doing this on Saturday if possible
4) No crazy running around. We stay home. It's easier for the children, thus easier for me.
5) No planned activities even, nothing requiring me to clean up messes (painting, play dough).
6) When it comes to company, I don't have anyone over who I want to impress. And having them bring part of the meal helps tremendously. When we just had two, we'd go out to eat sometimes, but really, now with money and the third baby...staying home is it.

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