Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Pioneer Living Experiment--Clothes #2

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In cutting down the amount of clothing my kids have, I used these guidelines:

What's practical and easy to get on and off?
I don't know about you but I'm always amazed how many outfits the kids have that just make my life as a mom more difficult. So, I'm revolting against overalls that refuse to stay snapped, shirts that have tight neckholes that make the kids fuss, and baby outfits that button up the back!

What's comfortable?
I prefer to wear what's comfy and therefore I want my kids to have comfy clothes too. Clothes they can move and wiggle in since they spend 99.9% of their time doing just that!

What's attractive and neat?
With yard sales and thrift stores offering great outfits for a quarter, there's no excuse for our kids to look shabby. I try to hang on to the outfits that look new, compliment my children's body types and look nice.

What color?
Since we have so many clothes to choose from from the hand-me-down bags we receive, I can afford to be picky and choose my kids' outfits based on the colors that look the best on them. Everyone in our family except Justus looks ill when we wear pastels. Ali looks great in chocolate brown and bright pink (especially a combo of the two) or in red or teal. Jer takes after Daddy in that he looks great in bright blues, oranges, or reds along with black. Justus looks nicest in sky blue, clover green, or light orange.

What quality?
While I'm not a brand-name snob or anything, if we have some hand-me-downs that happen to be OshKosh, Sketchers, Columbia, etc. I will hang onto them because generally expensive brands last longer and are more durable than their cheaper cousins.

Tomorrow I'll share more about how I'm simplifying my own clothing and more tips on managing everyone's clothing inventory!

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R Dvorak said...

We have cut back on clothes too. We evaluated a bit differently, but with similar themes. I did laundry throughout Friday to make sure everything was clean. Then Saturday the whole family was in the laundry room sorting clothes. (We also provided a few toys for when the kids needed a break from the task.) We first sorted by clothing owner. Then we sorted by size. Then we sorted by season to be worn. Then we discarded all the unmendable or stained items. Finally we got down to what colors go with each other and how many do we need of each category, etc. It was a full days project. But at the end we had a huge bag to go in the trash (unmendable and stained) and a few huge bags to go to Goodwill. Plus, I knew what we needed more of in each category.

I have also been researching "Modest Apparel for Girls and Women" the topics has many resources and a few online stores.

Great job on being a good steward. You are doing a wonderful job.

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