Sunday, February 8, 2009


I don't recommend many movies here, but this one was marvelous! The perfect movie for a chick flick night, or for an evening when your hubby is gone (unless he enjoys these kind of films)! This movie is clean and captivating and so enjoyable. If you're a fan of Pride and Prejudice, or similar movies, you will LOVE

Wives and Daughters

My Aunt Suzee loaned it to me (it's her daughter's favorite) and it was such a treat. But don't make the mistake of starting it too late. It's a five hour movie and I just couldn't go to bed in the middle of it!

If I could sum it up in two phrases I would say, "A study in human nature" and "an incredible love story."

So, check it out! It's probably not available at most rental stores but you may find it in the library or be able to buy it used online! Sure to be a favorite for years to come and something mothers and daughters, especially, can enjoy watching together.

Have any of you seen it?


Sarah Christensen said...

I am so glad that you mentioned this film and that you were able to watch it! It has been a favorite among the women in our family for years! The humor is classic and witty (very quotable) and the character sketches are superb. Enjoy this film every so often and find renewed interest and satisfaction each time! :) Also recommended (if you enjoyed above film): Cranford (BBC 2007), Bleak House (BBC 2006, starring Gillian Anderson), and Jane Eyre (BBC and WGBH 2006, starring Ruth Wilson).

~Laura~ said...

I did watch this movie recently as well, and I enjoyed it.. but it was a little too much "soap-drama" for me.. if you knwo what I mean. I did like the storyline and romance tho.. just not quite all the drama.
BBC has some great movies like that out as well! "Tess of the d"Ubervilles" is one I just finished that was sooo good. "David Copperfield" as well.

Lura said...

Thanks for the review. I just went and ordered it through inter library loan. I'm number 35!

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