Monday, February 23, 2009

Kid Funnies

Jer came into the kitchen one morning and said, "I'm a big talker." (There's the understatement of the century! I don't know where he heard this phrase, but this kid is proof that it's not just little girls that are verbal! His daddy says he is never without a car in his hand and a word in his mouth.)

One day Jer looked at me curiously and in a sweet little voice said, "Are you cwazy (crazy)?"

One day Jer walked up to me and said, "You da king!!!"

Jer is getting into praying over the food. One day he prayed, "Thanks for Daddy, and Justus and puppy, and Daddy..." (For one thing, we don't have a puppy, and for another, what about Mommy, the one who takes care of him all day long? How come he's doubly thankful for Daddy?) Tonight he prayed specifically for each person in the family and that they would all feel better, even though only Daddy is sick. I guess it wouldn't hurt to feel better than we currently feel!

I'm trying to teach Jer not to pick his nose. So often when I look at him he says, "See! I not pickin' my boogahs!"

I overheard Ali say to Jer while playing, "If you want to marry me you have to be nice to me!!!"

One day Jer came up and batted his long lashes at me and said, "Mama, will you mae-wee (marry) me?" Awww!

Tonight Ali asked, "Can God have vitamins?"

When we first became parents we determined to have our kids call Uncle Colter and Uncle Grant Coco and GooGoo since their names are difficult for little ones to pronounce (and partly since it's a way at getting back at little brothers who tormented me.) So, ever since Ali could talk, this is what they go by. The other day, I said, "Guess who is coming on an airplane in just a week?" Ali yelled, "Hot Coco and Anna!!!" I about died! Maybe Anna will take to calling him "Hot Coco."
I made a fancy barbie cake and decorated it in front of our friends' twins. I then asked Kennedy, "Do you have a barbie with black hair I could borrow to make a make another cake?" She said, "Yeah, I have one, but my barbie isn't a cake!" (As if to say, "Goofy lady, my barbie is a toy and isn't edible!")

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