Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Always something in my mouth! I'm like a puppy, always drooling and chewing on things.

There's just nothing like a two-year-old to keep you on your toes. At least they're really cute at this age!

Mama laid me on the floor for a diaper change and I grabbed the first thing I found to chew on. They were a pair of Jeremiah's race car underwear! Good thing they were clean! (No, Jer isn't potty trained but he loves to look at his underwear and carry them around and leave them all over the house.)

Whenever Justus wears orange or red, he looks like a redhead.

Fast asleep! Curled up with his teddy bear blanket.

He's starting to get a teensy, tiny bit of hair. It's funny because even though it's a grayish, blondish color, it looks stiff and curly like Daddy's hair. Will we have a blonde brillo pad to comb? Or will it get fine and smooth like his siblings? Our other kids started off with black hair that gradually lightened to medium brown. Our other kids started off with blue eyes too that gradually changed to brown.

My cousin Mason gave our kids this little tent that he had outgrown. They had so much fun one cold day when we set it up in the living room. It will be fun to use for shade in the yard in the summer time too. Pictured with Ali is a little girl I babysat for four days last week, Ryanne.

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R Dvorak said...

Great pictures. Adorable kids.

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