Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sweetest Prayer

Yesterday we heard our daughter pray:

"Dear God, thank you for Uncle Goo Goo
(my brother Grant)
and please help him not to be wild and crazy. Help him to live for You so that He can go to Heaven with me. Amen."
And lest you think I pray exactly like that for him, she came up with those phrases on her own! I pray often with the kids that he would love Jesus.
Everyday Ali also prays:
"Thank You for Daddy's broken arm and please help it to heal and I love my Daddy and I want his arm to get better."
Or a variation (which I call her "name it and claim it prayer"):
"Thank You Lord that you've healed my Daddy's broken arm. Thank You for making him all better."
Another recent prayer:
"Please help us all to not be sinning today but to be good."

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