Thursday, February 12, 2009

From the Mouth of King Jo

Mrs. Jo: "Honey, I thought we weren't going to get each other things for Valentine's Day this year because we can't afford it right now."

King Jo: "You can never afford not to try to please your woman."

(He likes to surprise me with flowers before the actual holiday and all of his flower picks are unique and for a reason. The roses are for love and there are 5 different ones to represent the 5 people in our family.)


Mrs. Taft said...

Awww <3 What a good husband! You're blessed :)

Lesley said...

How sweet is that!!! Way to go, King Jo!!!

Thia said...

Smart man

Ryan and Sandra said...

Awww.... my husband never buys me flowers on a certain/predictable day either. But I get them sometimes, too! Enjoy them! They're so beautiful!

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