Friday, December 14, 2007

Update on Tooth Pain

Finally some relief from the pain! I called my Dentist's office yesterday afternoon and they had already closed. I was desperate for relief from the pain. I called the pharmacy and complained that the pain pills we had gotten from them didn't help at all. They said I could take up to FOUR Ibuprofen at the same time as the pain pills. Go figure, if you can take that much Ibuprofen WITH a prescribed pain pill, does the pain pill really even work?

Once the Ibuprofen kicked in life was good again. My mom came by with a delicious supper, tortilla soup (which tastes like fancy chili) which she happened to have in her crockpot. If you know my mom, she usually works until 6 pm at the school grading papers and hates to cook so it was amazing of her to bring us a tasty meal. Thankfully my numbness had worn off by supper time and I was able to eat my first meal of the day. Boy was I hungry and boy did that tortilla soup hit the spot! She also took my toddler for a few hours so that Ali could attend the Christian school Christmas play and give me a little bit of a break. There is nothing like having two toddlers screaming at you and whining incessantly when you are in pain!

I managed to live a completely normal existence until the middle of the night when all my pain meds wore off and it felt like someone was mountain climbing with a pick axe in my jaw! Complete agony! One of the longest moments of my life was waiting for all the meds I gobbled to take effect. It took a good half hour to an hour! I kept thinking about that last contraction in Jer's labor where I thought the pain would never end and I wouldn't make it. That's how it felt last night!

I don't mean to sound like the biggest baby and biggest whiner ever. I realize there are people out there who have gone through much worse (like my dad's tricky root canal or my father-in-laws accident while cleaning a chimney that ended up breaking his jaw and half of his teeth and resulting in lots of fake teeth and a wired jaw for a long time.) This experience has made me SO THANKFUL for the advanced care we have today. I imagine the pioneers just had to suffer until the infection killed them!

Now let's hope I don't get an ulcer from taking so many meds and taking them on an empty stomach!

*Tip of the Day: If you ever have a tooth surgery, DO set your alarm clock to wake you up every four hours so that you can prevent the excruciating agony which will cause you to lose a lot of sleep!

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