Sunday, December 30, 2007

Okay.....WHO was it?

Right before we left for MN I saw a blurb on Money Saving Mom about how you could get a great deal on wipes and Huggies products at Target. So, I printed off a few of the $3 off coupons and bought some Huggies coupons from the Coupon Clippers online. Then when we were in my husband's hometown, I was able to shop Target, with a couple of girlfriends, and we got the Huggies deals. I wish now that I had printed off more since I was able to get boxes of Huggies wipes for 5 cents a box and disposable washcloths for around 30 cents and baby wash for around 25 cents. (Just a note for those of you doubters: Even with the costs of the coupons and ink to print the coupons from my computer the wipes were still less than 20 cents a box!) As we were checking out, the sweet and bubbly cashier was telling us that a few days before another gal had come through with those same $3 off internet coupons we were using. She said that the gal had bought about 30 Huggies items and she had teased the gal about figuring out how to "cheat the system" which was just a joke but got the customer a little riled up. The customer explained that she wasn't "cheating" but was just a deal shopper and knew how to get the deals. Anyhow, I asked the cashier, "What was this gal's name? I bet anything I would know who it was if you told me?" She didn't remember. Henceforth......I ask the crazy-deal-shoppin'-women-in-my-hubby's-hometown, which of you was it?


Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Ha Ha.. It wasn't me, but guess who will be there at Target bright and early tomorrow grabbing up these Huggie deals?? Thanks so much for the heads up Lindsey!

Lyndi said...

hahahahahahahahah lolololol that is soooooo funny! it was me:) I think my face is red from laughing so hard! Yup, it was me:)

Lyndi said...

I love getting good deals, but I hate the thought that people think I am doing anything wrong. My mom was with me and said, "It's not cheating, she just knows how to get good deals." I've got my mom AND dad "couponing" too:) as soon as I saw your headline, I knew it was either Shelby or I:) (I thought you were going to be upset that there weren't any left:) )

I went to FL for Christmas and hit up a few targets there and here:)

Mrs. Jo said...

That's funny Lyndi! I definitely suspected it was you above anyone else since you are the wildest deal-shopper I know of now in your town.
There were plenty of Huggies items left, don't worry! I wish I had thought to print off more coupons so I could have gotten even more Huggies products for almost nothing. You're right that deal shopping isn't cheating, it's just being smart and getting the bargains!

Good luck on the deals Laura!

Kristin said...

As soon as I read this post I thought "that had to be Lyndi!" even though I didn't know who it was. It just sounded like you, Lyndi!

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