Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Senior Pics

Grant has the greenest eyes I've ever seen. This photo doesn't do them justice!

Grant is a BMX biker and has worked as a bike mechanic at the local bike shop for a few years.

It's scary how much he looks like our Dad did in the 70's with that afro! He didn't even realize how "old fashioned" he looked until he saw these photos!

Grant has spent the last 10 years working on bikes and pouring most of his time, energy, and financial resources into various bikes! One hot July day he biked 80 miles in 6 hours!

No, I haven't abandoned the Make Your Home a Haven challenge today. I didn't have a pic of my home to post today since it was "Laundry Day" and I got the bulk of my laundry done on Monday. I did work my buns off today from the time I got up until 11 p.m. I got my newsletters printed and ready to mail, along with 100 Christmas cards/letters/Christmas photos, bought stamps at the post office, answered some e-mails, got my food order to the bulk food club person, chased after kids, disciplined kids over a thousand times (or so it seemed), dressed, fed, and bathed kids, did a load of diapers, took my youngest brother's belated senior pics, made lunch, browsed the new grocery ads online, ran the kids to my mom's, drove to the town 30 miles away for an evening eye appointment, shopped Wal-Mart for over an hour, shopped Walgreens with all my many coupons, drove home, made myself a very late supper, and gave my hubby a nice back massage.

The plus side to this extremely busy day was that when I returned home from my appointment and shopping trip my hard-working hubby who peels logs all day to the point of exhaustion had done a huge sinkful of dirty dishes and towel-dried them (which is something I NEVER do since I think it is a waste of time). He also had cleaned up all the toys and junk in the living room and vacuumed it! My hero! Nothing says love like having your most hated chores done for you! He didn't even know I'd had a busy day either!

Tomorrow I think I will put my feet up and take it easy. Eat a lot of chocolate and take time to read a fun book. Days like today are thankfully pretty rare! But I do have a tendency to be a work-a-holic, even if I don't technically have a real job. Even if it seems like I accomplished a lot, I had about ten more things running through my brain today of things I need to do. I relentlessly punish myself to get EVERYTHING accomplished all at once! Ease up girl, back away from the To-Do list and no one will get hurt!

The above photos are some of the best of the pics I took of my brother Grant. My parents bugged him to get photos done, but he never wanted to. I finally bribed him by telling him this could be his Christmas gift to Mom and Dad: posing for the pics. We haven't had a decent pic of him in years and my parents would be devastated if something ever happened to him and they didn't have some nice pictures to remember him by. I think he looks best with his hair cut and his face shaved (and no earrings). But, no matter what style he decides to sport, the girls in town seem to adore him!

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