Sunday, December 30, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

We're finally home! What a trip! We had a great time seeing family and friends but it sure is an exhausting thing to travel over 2,700 miles in a week with two little ones! It was wonderful to see my Grandpa B. who has been in the hospital for over 2 months in Fargo with serious health issues. It was great to see King Jo's grandma, who had only seen Ali as a baby. Seeing all of his cousins we hadn't seen in many years was great too as well as my cousins and relatives on Christmas Day. But it sure is nice to be home after what seemed like an eternity on the road coming home. We were so exhausted that driving all the way through the night didn't work on the way home so we stopped at 3 a.m. and got a motel for a little sleep. Of course the kids had been sleeping all night in the car so they woke up at the usual 7 a.m. but a little sleep is better than none! We then made it the rest of the 5 hours home with tons of laundry and unpacking to do upon arrival! I'm thankful that the kids were AMAZING and such good travelers and didn't have fussing episodes this time around even with the many hours in car seats. I'm thankful the roads were clear all the way home even though there were storms all over the country. Thanks for your prayer of blessing on us cousin V--God answered it!
To those of you dear friends we missed seeing in MN: I wish we could have seen you! There were some new baby boys I would have loved to see, but due to the fact that we only had a few days in my hubby's hometown during a major holiday and a few days in the Twin Cities and a day in my Grandma's town, it was too busy to get together with all of my friends. I hope you all had good Christmas celebrations!
To those of you friends who spent Christmas in Florida (Jesse, Shiloh, Lyndi, and Colter):
The night that I went shopping at Target in MN and felt like I was going to freeze into an icicle before I made it to my car and the wind was blowing and it felt like 50 below, I was SO JEALOUS of you all who hung out on the beach this week!
One funny thing that happened on the trip home: Jer wet through his diapers 2 times the day we left for home. It was awful! I had gotten Pampers on a super good sale thinking that the "expensive" diapers would be more leak-proof than the Wal-mart brand we usually use. I discovered that I should have used my homemade cloth ones on the trip; they would have held more! Since everything was packed, by the end of the day, he had no clothes to wear but was soaking wet. So, we fished out the easiest thing that was accessible and he got to wear his sister's pajamas out of the dirty clothes bag! Ick! We were eating at Olive Garden for supper on the trip home (Yeah! Our once-a-year treat since there are no O.G.'s in our entire state and we LOVE it!!!) so I changed him in the restaurant. He had to use sister's pink, girly blanket, and wear her pajamas which were really big on him. We turned them inside out so at least you couldn't see the bow on the front and the flowers! I'm sure everyone thought we had a couple of little girls!

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Mrs. T said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a full, happy time. :)

The story about Jer is hilarious!

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