Monday, December 3, 2007

Making Your Home A Haven--Day 1

Yummy rolls and a cheery Christmas candle!

What a mess! I can't find anything around here!

Ahh! So refreshingly neat! Now if only it would STAY that way!

The ladies at Biblical Womanhood are doing a two-week challenge on

Making Your Home a Haven.

Today, in addition to refreshing your spirit and making a plan for a morning routine she suggests working on the entryway to your home. Since we don't have much of an entryway in our tiny apartment, and I've already been trying to contain jackets in a special laundry basket and we have a little rug all set up for shoes, I decided to tackle the worst spot in the whole house; our computer desk! What an eyesore when you come in the door and see that across the room! Being that I get a lot of bills/mail and love books, this has become the catch-all for anything we want to keep out of the reach of tiny fingers. I hate it and my husband gets sick of it, but everytime I clean it, it takes about one day before it's back to chaotic. So, the next two weeks will find me working on this spot A LOT! I cleared a spot on our bookshelf to handle all the books I'm currently reading. I put little odds and ends in a plastic box and tried to sort magazines, flyers, and little notes on scraps of paper. I'm making more of an effort to jot notes, shopping lists, addresses, and little reminders in one little notebook in my purse where it's all contained and not a bunch of strewn paper clutter.

A few things I DID do to make my home a haven today was lighting a pretty candle (Holiday Cheer scent), bake a batch of Crystal's 30-minute-homemade rolls for our sandwiches for lunch, and put on some Christmas music. I also did my general Monday morning cleaning in addition to babysitting my friend's adorable 2-year old twins for over 4 hours! What a morning!

Friendly Mommy Tip: Don't ever give 3 two-year-olds and a 1 year-old crayons! Let's just say my kitchen floor was very colorful and is now VERY clean!

Our Morning Routine which I do daily and don't need to write down because it's in my head:

1. Hubby or I get up with the kids and give them each a banana, some cheerios, and sippy cups of milk. One spouse always lets the other sleep in. We split this up about 50/50 just based on who is the most tired that day!

2. I usually do dishes or work on some kitchen cleaning while they eat. I don't bother eating since the interruptions are too great at this point!

3. Clean up kids, change diapers, bathe if needed (every 2-3 days) and get them dressed for the day. Do Morning devotions with them, reading some of the Bible, praying, and singing songs or reading stories.

4. Put Jer down for a morning nap. Put an educational video on for Ali (we let her watch 30 minutes a day). Then shower, get dressed, and grab a quick bite to eat if possible. Check e-mail and do paperwork until her movie is done (bills, organizing shopping lists or coupons, letters to mail).

5. Seek to do as much laundry as possible during the morning when few other residents here are using the washer/dryer.

6. Try to get the living room vaccuumed and straightened up nicely before King Jo arrives home for lunch.

7. Kids get a snack around 10 a.m. and usually start fussing for lunch at 11:30 a.m.

8. Try to do an educational activity with Alathia, whether painting, learning letters, cutting paper, or practicing Bible verses.


Crystal Paine said...

Thanks for joining and I'm glad you substituted. That's my hope that the ideas I post will mostly just spark the encouragement and motivation for people to work on areas of their home which might be slacking. (I've got plenty of those! More than we'll be able to cover in two weeks!!)

Wow! It was fun reading your morning schedule. You do a lot in the morning! What time do you normally get up? I sometimes am doing good to get three things done in the morning, if that. :) You're an inspiration!

Mrs. T said...

Good job, girl!

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