Friday, December 14, 2007

Making My Home a Haven

Make your kids make your home a haven too! Ali made a mess of her nachos at lunch so she got to sweep it up. I found this child-friendly broom brand-new in the packaging at a yard sale for 25 cents!

Before.....A cluttered bookshelf

After....much neater, though I'd like to spruce it up even more by painting it some day!

The kid's room gets to be a disaster daily, especially when Mommy isn't feeling well.

Much nicer! We have waaaaaay too many BIG items for kids in our tiny apartment. We try to rotate them from our storage shed. The kids love the wagon and the rocking horse though!

I loved the Making My Home a Haven challenge for the past 2 weeks at Biblical Womanhood. Unfortunately Crystal had to cancel it one day due to a computer hacker problem, and I had to skip one day due to my tooth pain. However, I enjoyed it so much and the accountability and comaraderie that I may post on this topic from time to time again as the mood strikes me. Today I tackled the kid's bedroom and last night the book case. I had read in a magazine that if you pull all of the books out to the outer edge it makes your bookshelf look much neater. It sure didn't last long though as Jer thinks it's a great game to go push all of the books back in! Ali currently sleeps in her toddler bed in our room as we've worked on getting Jer to sleep in his own room for the past month or so. Soon we will move them both into the same room, which may mean they will likely try to play the entire nap time and won't go to bed until very late due to egging each other on and giggling.

For now, our bedroom is the biggest housekeeping challenge I have because it's small and has a toddler bed, a queen log bed, 3 dressers, a nightstand, a large bookshelf, a laundry basket of work clothes, our Christmas decorations storage tub, 2 baskets of children's books, 6 rubbermaid storage drawers, and all of my craft tubs, gift boxes and wrapping supplies, and all of our files and bill slots. It can get to be an absolute pig sty! I can barely walk in there due to lack of space! I can't put my clean clothes away as Ali's bed blocks my bottom 2 dresser drawers so I always have piles of clean clothes around. It will be so nice to move eventually, but until then I will do the best I can to clean it up this weekend and figure out a way to have a little bit more space.

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