Thursday, December 6, 2007

Making Your Home a Haven--Day 4

I didn't skip out on the challenge yesterday ladies! It was just a very busy day and my laundry pile gets tackled on Mondays and was done except for diapers. See yesterday's post for a description of how my hubby made our home a haven yesterday, more so than me!

Today's Goals:

Time with God--Read Psalm 145 and Proverbs 31:10-12

I'm going to work on memorizing them throughout the day and all this week

Planning Time--Since yesterday was crazy busy, today is going to be low-key. The main things I have to do:

Call the bank-done

Babysit a friend's toddler in the morning while she is moving-done

Straighten the computer desk again--done
Straighten the kitchen, do some dishes

Mail the Christmas letters--done

Clean the bathroom--done

Make a lunch for Josiah

Make a nice supper--Chicken/Broccoli/Rice Casserole, Pumpkin Rolls (see Crystal's post from a couple days ago for the recipe at and Chocolate Cake

Other things I would like to do today:

Sew myself a cute apron

Catch up on some of the other ladies posts on the Home a Haven Challenge
We're also supposed to think of something fun and special to do for our families this weekend. I'm thinking that we could have Boppa and Grammy (my folks) over for a relaxing Saturday brunch and make homemade caramel rolls or that maybe we could let Alathia open her Candy Land game we got her for Christmas and teach her how to play it!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the green sink!! how fun!

pics of your bro are great, too


Mrs. T said...

Good job, girl! Looks great!

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