Thursday, December 13, 2007

Experiences at the Dentist's Office

I went in to the dentist's today as my tooth was throbbing even worse today. My husband was able to come home on lunch break and watch the kids and thankfully the second office I called said to come in immediately.
I was a little nervous, since I hate having to do anything remotely medical and I don't enjoy pain. Also, the dentist's office was shabby and all of the equipment looked at least 30 years old. A very Wyomingish place where the secretaries lounged around browsing the sale ads and chatting while wearing sweatshirts and jeans.
At least the photos on the wall were interesting and made me feel better. How many people can say that their dentist has climbed the Grand Tetons and mountains in Nepal (including Everest)? This being a new dentist to me, I figured if he was a mountain climber, then he was a man of ambition and must be smart too, right?
Unfortunately, my wisdom tooth was infected and he said, "I bet that is REALLY painful." Uh-huh! Especially since I haven't taken any Ibuprofen today!
The good news about going to a shabbier dentist office is that the cost is affordable. I would rather sit in a 70's dentist chair than go to a ritzy office with everything new and be charged $1,000 for a quick extraction. Thankfully, my two x-rays and extraction only cost a couple of hundred.
Let's just say that when anyone with the title "Dr." says you will feel a "little pressure," it's time to get nervous. I admit I was wishing that King Jo was there to hold my hand! I've heard things like that when the pregnancy books say crowning is like a "ring of fire." Take it from someone who has had two non-medicated births, "ring of fire" is a VAST understatement for the Blowtorch from Hades.
Even though I was numbed up by Mountain Climber Dentist, I felt like someone who gets the epidural in childbirth and it doesn't work. "Gentle pressure" was akin to someone shattering my jaw with a sledgehammer. I'm glad it only lasted about 30 seconds, just before I was ready to pass out to avoid the pain! I'm glad he was extra careful since he found an infected root which came out with the tooth. He put one stitch in, which I also felt!
Needless to say, my kiddoes can't understand why mommy can't talk right now or why her face resembles that of a Sumo wrestler's. It's been interesting giving orders to my two-year old through grunts and pointing. Amazing how much she understands from my facial expressions telling her to go take a nap NOW!
One other crazy thing is that they tell you to take some prescribed pain pills (which are just starting to kick in....ahhhhh.....bliss.....) but they tell you not to drink or eat anything until the numbness wears off. With a mouth full of gauze I tried to say, "How?" when the dentist told me take a pain pill. You just told me not to eat or drink and to keep this gauze in for awhile! How am I supposed to swallow when I can't feel my tongue? Lucky for him I couldn't talk so he didn't really have to answer the question. I did manage (barely) to swallow the pill on the side that isn't numb!
Take my advice and have your wisdom teeth removed in High School when your parents will pay for it and they can put you completely under! My other 3, non-infected wisdom teeth should probably be removed before they, too, get infected. However, I want to be drugged beyond comprehension if I have that done!


Nicole said...

This is my fear! I've got all my wisdom teeth and there is no way on God's green earth that I will be anything other than unconscious when they take them out!

Sounds painful though, I hope the painkillers kick in quickly!

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all your pain! I hope you start feeling better soon.

I, too, went to the dentist today. But my experience was far less painful - just a cleaning!

Mrs. T said...

Oh my, I am so sorry!!!!! /hugs

Lyndi said...

why didn't they put you under?

SamAndHisGirls said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all your pain, Lindsey! It sounded horrible! Are you feeling better yet?
Luckily, I got all of my wisdom teeth yanked out at the same time I had jaw surgery when I was 18. The pain afterwards and recovery were the worst thing I've ever been through pain wise but at least it's all over now. (and I did lose 20 lbs since my jaw was wired shut for six weeks -- nice) :)

Hope you feel better REALLY soon and so sorry you had to go through all that!!!

Harry Bronson said...

Well the good thing is that the extraction went well and no serious problems came afterwards, and one wisdom tooth went out of the equation. Have you already removed the other 3? If you haven't, then you know the drill the next time you visit the dentist's office.

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