Thursday, December 20, 2007

True Love Does Exist

We had a nice time opening gifts as a family last night. My hubby blessed me with many things I can use, including a new camera case for my nice, new camera, a memory card, batteries for the camera, and a hanging travel cosmetic bag I'd been wanting. Oh, also a couple of books I had been wanting too! But the nicest thing he gave me was a special card. Every Christmas he gets me a wonderful card and puts a heartfelt message in it. This year he said he looked over around 50 cards until he found the perfect one. The words are so touching, I had to share it here. I'm not trying to brag, because I always fall short of being the woman this card describes, but I wanted to share with those of you women who are still waiting for that special guy to come into your lives that godly guys ARE out there and it is so worth waiting for the right one; God's choice for you. The words in the card were so meaningful to me, especially since I've recently been striving to make our home as much of a haven as it can!
*If you had trouble reading the words you can click on the photos and it will bring them up in a bigger size.

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Anonymous said...

that is a sweet card!
I had a sort of surreal moment when I got to the signature - my youngest son is Josiah. looking at 'josiah' signed on a card - in very nice male handwriting - was like a glimpse in the future; in 20 years or so, he may be buying his own wife a card like that.....

I hope you have a wonderful trip!!

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